Kristin Hoell’s latest project transforms the mundane everyday reality of people passing by into colorful, abstracted tableaus. “Immanence” focuses on a mindful and loving observation of trivial happenstances and finds poetry in the commonplace – creating a celebration of pure existence.

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Immancence by Kristin Hoell
Visual Art by Kristin Hoell

One stairway, twelve years, constant change. The view from a Berlin rear house closely observed and portrayed in abstract imagery.

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weightless levity // freedom without air //
mesmerizing blue // sparkles all around

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Visual art by Kristin Hoell
Iridescent is a visual art project by artist Kristin Hoell

The reflections of Olafur Eliasson’s gleaming Harpa facade create their own visual universes in these abstract images by K. Hoell.

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